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Information Article: Tis the season for garden pretties, tra la la la….


t’s that time of year again!  The sun is out, the children are on holiday and relatives are on their way to visit you. You look at your garden and realize it could do with a bit of sprucing up. Well, that’s where we can help. East 2 Eden have a whole host of beautiful items to help turn your boring back garden into an oasis of colour!

From Art to Ornaments

owl wall artThere is some truly stunning wall art out there, something for everyone. A well chosen piece could set off the whole garden, whereas a wrongly chosen piece could be a disaster! But never fear, we have a good selection of gorgeous pieces, made from sturdy, quality metal, to compliment any space. Our popular butterfly pieces, for example, are eye-catching to say the least, often embellished with pretty crystals and in a variety of styles and colours, it’s no wonder they’re selling fast.

If you want something to stand out when the sun begins to set, then you may just fancy taking a look at our glow in the dark ornaments and wall art, for a piece that will have the compliments rolling in! From cutesy little mushroom wind chimes, to cheeky gnomes or interesting plant pot holders, we’ve got a little bit of awesomeness for everyone’s garden. The hardest part for you is deciding what you’re going to spend your hard-earned pennies on.

Don’t forget the essentials!

No summer spent in the garden should be without the basic essentials. Whether you’re making sure that Fido gets plenty of water or want some pretty tableware to serve the BBQ food on, we’ve got something to keep everyone happy.


Our picnic ware is made from tough, durable plastic and comes in a range of appealing colours and styles, meaning that there will be less breakages and those burnt sausages will look far more appealing! And, if you’re planning on heading down to the beach, you might want to consider checking out our cool boxes and picnic baskets to help make sure your food arrives safe and sound too. The little ones will love our range of kids garden furniture, designed with them in mind, providing them with somewhere colourful and comfy to relax as well.

So whatever it is you’re after for your garden this summer, be sure to come and check out our range and see what we’ve got in store for you.



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