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Guest Post: Supplement Basics for Exercise and Working Out


hile a good diet, sleep and healthy exercise will definitely improve one’s body, the use of supplements can help fill in the gaps, especially when a person needs extra internal resources to perform at higher and higher levels in a workout. Supplements will never replace good food. However, they can be a very useful, critical tool in ensuring the body has access to all the vitamins, minerals, acids and energy needed to produce a good workout every day.

The above said, it’s important to understand that there are different supplements available for different purposes. Like a toolbox, each supplement type has a purpose and works best when used correctly. When first considered, most people think of a simple multi-vitamin as the only supplement needed. However, advanced workouts often demand far more than what a basic diet and multi-vitamin can provide. As a result, other categories come into play. These include:

  • Protein
  • Energy for Pre- and Post-Workout
  • Greens
  • Oils
  • Mass-Builders

Protein offers the primary building block for muscle development and growth. Without protein a body’s system will quickly turn on itself to consume enough energy to function. This is why highly active people suddenly lose a lot of weight if their diet doesn’t compensate for the consumption. It’s not always the right weight loss, but the first thing to go is the body cannibalizing itself without new protein coming in. A protein supplement ensures that the body has a maximum resource available when insufficient protein is available from regular food. Vegetarians can often benefit from this supplement, for example.

Energy supplements provide the extra fuel to push through a workout and avoid a slump afterwards. Without them, beginners often go into a workout cold and then get exhausted halfway through. Instead, by fueling up, the body has plenty of energy to burn, the muscles endure a full workout, and then a post-workout supplement can offset a deficiency afterwards. Utilizing before and after resources can help keep the body focused on improvement versus running low. Different folks will point to the “best pre workout supplement” and best post workout aid; the point to remember is to use diet and supplements to keep the body fed in a healthy manner versus demand.

A greens supplement makes up for deficiencies in a diet that does bring in enough vitamins from vegetables. The supplement provides a full array of minerals and vitamins, so the body can grab what it needs that the regular diet may have missed. Those who are heavy on meat and carbohydrates but occasionally miss enough vegetables can benefit from this supplement. Again, however, this supplement doesn’t replace the multiple benefits from a regular dose of vegetables and fruit.

Mass building allows a person to increase muscle capacity, which in turn allows greater power generation for lifting, pushing, pulling and more. One of the most common mass-builder supplements involves creatine. It needs to be taken with the right dosage and not relied on solely for mass-building. That said, it can be fairly effective as a supplement, especially given how low cost the supplement can be versus other choices.

All of the above supplements are designed to give the body more in terms of building blocks and assistance. That said, none of them can be relied on alone without also maintaining a good diet, a good sleep cycle, and a broad and varied exercise regimen. Balance is the key factor in both exercise, health and the use of supplements.

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