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Information Article: What to Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Utensils


ave you just redecorated your kitchen and are looking for some nice new cooking utensils to match?  Or are you simply looking to replace your older, more worn out ones? Either way, you’ll want to select the ones most useful to your particular brand of cooking.

Below is a little list of tips to use as a guideline when looking for your new utensils and you’ll be guaranteed a well equipped kitchen.

Do You Want a Matching Set?

The first thing to do is decide whether you want to buy all your utensils individually, giving you more control over what you get, or if you would prefer a matching set and its aesthetic value.  A set will usually be more reasonably priced than buying each thing separately, so you have to factor that in to your equations. Sets will, however, normally only contain your basic utensils.  If you want more specialized ones, you’ll have to buy them individually. While buying one at a time will set you back a little more money, it might be better for you – you can choose exactly what you want and you have the option  buy only the very best.

Pick What You Need

There are, of course, a trillion different types of kitchen utensils available, but you definitely shouldn’t buy too many.   Not only will that cost extra, but you’ll also run out of room to store them and they’ll only get in the way.  Suggestions would be,  a number of different spoons – a long handled spoon or two for those rare occasions, plus a wooden stirring spoon, a ladle and perhaps a straining spoon, along with the usual spoons for soups, teas and desserts.

Think About Materials

Tongs can also be useful, but a definite must is the trusty spatula. You might want to get both a stainless steel one and a plastic one since both have their own advantages.  For bakers, a whisk is necessary, and a pizza cutter can come in surprisingly useful. Peelers are great for a variety of foods, and you’ll definitely want a grater or two. Measuring cups and spoons are a necessity.  When it comes to more specialist utensils, the choice is entirely up to you. We would recommend a potato masher and a grinder, but you may want other things like a zester and a nutcracker. Take a look on the Portmeirion online shop for some examples.

What sort of materials are you after? For cooking utensils, plastic or wood are probably the best, but many of them will come in Teflon, aluminium, and stainless steel varieties as well, so you have to give it some thought.  Make sure that the material of the utensils will not scratch your pots and pans.  Wood will work best with most, whereas metal utensils might leave unsightly blemishes which will degrade the overall quality of your pans.



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