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Which Parcel Packaging Should I Use?


hen most people are planning on sending a parcel abroad, they probably don’t give the type of packaging a second thought. It can be easy to think that you will simply use whatever is in the house, but that doesn’t mean that this will necessarily be the best material for the job. All parcels have different requirements when it comes to packaging and presentation, and it’s especially important that you take note of this when a parcel is travelling all the way to another country.

blog2The first thing to remember is that regardless of what you’re sending, you should opt for a box over a postal bag or brown parcel paper. This is because no matter what the item is, it will be travelling a long way, and even if it isn’t fragile you don’t want the packaging to open in transit so that the item can fall out. Find a box that fits around the item as closely as possible to keep postage costs down, which depend on the size and weight of the parcel.

Fragile items will fare best with a combination of parcel packing materials. For example, if you’re sending a parcel to Russia, it will spend some time travelling to its destination, so needs proper protection. Anything fragile, such as glassware, should be wrapped in bubblewrap with individual components, such as lids, wrapped separately. The more bubblewrap the better. For unusually shaped items, use something smaller, such as packing beads, or if you want to keep the parcel light, use foam shapes.

If you’re not sending anything fragile or delicate, such as clothing or food, the focus should be on keeping the items in place. This can be done with a light material such as scrunched up newspaper or shredded tissue paper to keep packaging costs down. If you want a little extra support for your items, you can use a thick foam around the edges of the box to act as a buffer if the item slips out of place.

One of the most important aspects of the packaging process is sealing the box. Most people choose to use a strong parcel tape across all of the edges and openings of the box, but if you want some extra reinforcement you can also use special metal staples or a heavy duty glue along the main opening. While this makes it trickier to open at the other end, it keeps the contents safe in transit, and it should open easily with a Stanley knife.

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