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Daily Prompt: A Fly on the Wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall”
anywhere and at any time in history,

where and when would you choose?


h if it were only possible, and I know some day it will not  But if I could be that fly on the wall, I wish that I could go to my parent’s childhoods, in the late 1920’s and see what they went through.  Maybe I would understand more of  who they became and why.  Just bits and pieces of things would occasionally come out, but for the most part, they did not discuss it.  

My dad only had one brother, and they lived poorly.  My dad did not talk much of his dad and the one time I do remember that he did, tears filled his eyes, which was a rarity – and then he got off the subject as quickly as he got on it. It’s something I will never forget.  He talked some of  how his mother was the one who took them to church and made sure they had a good Christian foundation.  I wonder if his dad ever went.  I wonder how his parents met.  And then, my dad went away to WWII before he even graduated from high school.  I wonder how his parents handled this.  It grips my heart to think of.  And how he was changed when he came back.  

My mom I probably knew a bit more about – her being an only child and her dad, my grandpa, living with us for almost my entire childhood.  She spoke of taking strong stands in school with no dancing and sometimes her and a girlfriend would be the only ones sitting off to the side, not participating.  I can only imagine how hard that was.  I never really got to understand her mother’s personality.  She died shortly before I was born. But I think several of her illnesses were hard on my mom.  I wonder how guarded my parent’s dating time was – what rules were set – how long they dated, what they talked about, etc.  I wonder if she was a spoiled only child, or one who was a lonely only child – or possibly a little of each?

Childhoods and things that happened that were undesirable in my parents era was not discussed or worked through.  It was swept under the rug.  I wish I could lift up the rug and put some of the pieces back together.


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3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Fly on the Wall

  1. After my grandmother died, we found letters from her young adult life. She was really a survivor of sad and lonely living situations and we would have looked at her adult life differently if we would have known her past. Knowing the pieces of the puzzle of the past does make a difference.

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