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Inspire Me Monday ~ Week 82


have been taking note more of things that inspire and encourage me.  I can think of several things from this past week. 

 Getting a text message from an older son who lives on his own, saying “You gonna make me roast beef and mashed potatoes on Sunday?” and then a bit later specifically asked for “Swiss Steak“.  He’s moving further away in a few weeks, and I am thankful he keeps in touch, and knows he is always welcome home.  It’s been an adjustment over the last few years as we’ve had 3 kids marry and another move out.  Sunday, all but two kids were home for dinner.  It inspires me greatly when the kids are home, thankful for a meal, and even ask for leftovers to take home.  🙂 

Most bloggers like to read through comments.  It definitely inspires.  I appreciate the notes of encouragement I get from new readers and ones I have known for many years, mainly through my blog.  But I have to say, there are a couple from women I know personally, who are old enough to be my mom, that leave me notes, that really inspire me and encourage my heart.  It’s that void I’ve had that gets filled by special people.

And another inspiration to me is a dear friend, and also my sister-in-law, who is a courageous woman who has battled and won against cancer and is always an encouragement to me, despite what she is going through.  Sometimes we chat late at night on the computer til one of us drifts off at the computer!  Today is her birthday, and I am thankful to be able to wish her the happiest birthday of all.

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