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Guest Post: Why the summer sees a rise in bike accident claims


he summer is finally here.  And with it comes lots of outdoor activities. From walking and running to swimming and cycling.  A chance for everyone to enjoy the sunshine, and why shouldn’t they? The summer months are long enough.

But, the stunning hot weather and long summer evenings don’t come without their share of  difficulties. Bike accident claims rise at this time of year. And why is that? Simply because there are more cyclists on the road.  With more cyclists come more bike accidents and thus, you guessed it, more bike accident claims.

blogHowever, according to the National Audit Office around 15,000 cyclists are killed and injured in bike accidents every year.  Yet around 60% to 90% of these accidents don’t make it to become bike accident claims, simply because people don’t report them.

This is even more so if the victim is a child and it is a bicycle-only incident. But this should not be the case.  If you have been injured in an accident on a bike that was not your fault then you are eligible to make a bike accident claim.

All you need to do is to speak to us at Priority Legal and we will help you with your claim. Having an accident whilst out cycling can mean you are injured for a while, off work and may even begin to worry about your finances.  Being injured in a bike accident that wasn’t your fault should not mean that you suffer any further.

You can make a bike accident claim to claim back any loss of earnings and to receive compensation for the difficulties you are now facing.  Being knocked off your bike by a careless driver is not your fault.  You need to make a stand to get the compensation that you deserve.

As cyclists ourselves, we know all too well the implications that cycling in the summer months on our busy roads can have.  The sun brings out road rage, people don’t always see cyclists and before you now it, you are being knocked over because of negligence on a drivers part.

But you can make a bike accident claim to claim what you deserve. Why not speak to us at Priority Legal to find out more and to begin the claims process.  Ignoring it won’t mean justice for anyone, and it will only help to make you feel worse.

About the author: 
Sandy Thompson writes for Priority Legal



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One thought on “Guest Post: Why the summer sees a rise in bike accident claims

  1. One reason why I switched to downhill is because bicycle accident are increasing, main reason is driver errors some time out of road courtesy to riders. some are driving to close and some don’t care on the approaching bike.

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