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Daily Prompt: Back to School

If you could take a break from your life and
go back to school to master a subject,
what would it be?


have thought of this . . .  not often, but a couple of things I’d possibly like to do.  Professionally, mainly to help out our family and be able to get a quicker degree, I have thought about learning to be a Phlebotomist – a person that draws blood from patients.  With our daughter being on coumadin (a blood thinner) she has had to get her blood drawn often for INR/PT –  checking the levels of her blood thinner to make sure it’s not too thin that she could hemorrhage or to thick that her heart valves could clot.  Dreams do change though.  Before he died, I dreamed of a big house, and many bedrooms.  Now I dream of something more simple and open.  Thankfully, we have a machine at home that we can check her with most of the time.  However, when she was a baby, it was awful.  She would start shaking as soon as we parked in the parking lot.  She knew where she was and what they were going to do to her. I got to the point that I would allow three pokes – if they could not get it – they were done, and we’d come back another day.  And, over time, we knew who the best phlebotomists were and we would request one and refuse some others.  I would enjoy working in a clinic, especially with children.  I would not want to be the one going early into hospital rooms waking up cranky people who want rest (I can be one of those cranky people when they come into the hospital room and turn on the bright light!)  

The other thing that is close to my heart, is grieving people, especially those that have lost children or babies.  It’s been a heart’s desire for some time to get the training for a grief counselor or grief coach.  I am not sure when this would be able to work in my life, but I hope and pray some day it will be something I can do to reach out to others more.


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3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Back to School

  1. Going back to school would never be an option. It seems that I spent my whole life in school. I have two degrees and taught for thirty years. It’s time to break loose and enjoy life without a timeline. I do miss the children and special relationships. I admit that I do go to back to school sales at Target and Walmart.
    I sneak a peak at the different school list placed in the front of the stores to see what the parents have to buy for school supplies. Wow! What do you do if you have more than two children? Five red folders, a dozen #2 pencils, kleenex, hand sanitizers, back pack, four three ring writing tablets, a small computer (if you have one) a red pen, labels for pocket folders and it goes on and on. I understand that the teacher collects the supplies and then hands them out as students come to school unprepared. What happened to the bookstore in the school? If you forgot your pencil you went to the bookstore and got a cheap one from the bookstore. We were sure to remember that it was our responsibility to be prepared. We didn’t depend on the teacher to pass out loss supplies.
    We would prepare the night before. It was our responsibility to have homework finished, polished shoes, pressed clothes, and school supplies packed in our back pack the night before.
    What is sad, people everywhere are loosing organizational skills. We are too focused on our phones and computers. You can disagree with me, but as I admitted, I am from the old school.
    Parents had consequences when supplies, homework, sweaters, or backpacks were left on the bus or lost on the playground. It might have cost us fifty cents for our folder and five cents for a #2 pencil, but it was still a lot of money in 1960.
    I am so glad my children are all grown!
    LS King

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