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Information Article: The Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

With a slowly improving economy in the United States,
no wonder some are looking elsewhere to put their skills to work.


Australiaf money is what you need and you aren’t prepared to rob a bank, and don’t have any rich relatives that are prepared to leave you beneficiary in their will, then you might need to look at getting a job that really pays. Often the jobs that pay the most are not the ones that you would expect. A change of career could mean that you will be able to take that annual overseas holiday and see the world! Take a look at this list of some of the highest paying jobs in Australia and see if anything takes your fancy.

Mining, Resources and Energy

blog 2Yes, you guessed it; the mining industry really does pay! One of the highest paying jobs in Australia is in the mining, resources and energy industry. According to Yahoo, the average minimum salary for someone working in the mining industry is around $121,000 which is nothing to scoff at! If you are an engineer you can earn around $157,000 which will allow you to live more than comfortably, and you’ll be able to take holidays overseas every year, mortgage or no mortgage! One Key Resources might be able to help you out with getting the ball rolling.

Surgeons and Anesthetists

As expected, the responsibility of taking out the right body part does come with a higher wage, and includes a lot of studying to get there. The average wage of surgeons is around $350,000 a year and it’s probably because there really aren’t that many people who are skilled enough to do the job. The job that often goes hand in hand with surgical stuff is that of the anesthetist who can earn up to around $302,000, which isn’t surprising considering what they do.

Legal Professionals

lawLaw professionals are up there with some of the highest paid professions in Australia and can earn anywhere from $83,000 to $177,000. It might look easy when we watch the lawyers on TV shows such as Law and Order, but in reality there is a lot of study, a lot of paperwork and a lot of research involved in the job, so it’s understandable.

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and financial services jobs are some of the highest paying jobs around, with a minimum salary of around $73,000 and going as high as $269,000. In some cases. bonuses can make it even higher, depending on the position that you are in.



Another profession that takes a lot of study is that of dentistry. Dentists earn up to around $140,000 for their work staring into mouths all day and talking about teeth. Keeping everyone’s pearly whites in ship shape order and ensuring that they last people for their whole lives is a very important job, and so it’s understandable that dentists are one of the highest paid jobs in Australia.

About the author:

Jess is currently contemplating a career change and
decided to write an article about the jobs on her short-list. 



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