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Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.


have dreamed of this often, especially after our son died in our home.  Dreams do change though.  Before he died, I dreamed of a big house, and many bedrooms.  Now I dream of something more simple and open.  I am thankful for our kids having shared bedrooms.  The older kids will talk about the late night talks they had, or even the games they played after we thought they were asleep!  I am thankful for our current house.  It is more than sufficient and we have been blessed to have much more than so many.  We certainly do not live in a cardboard box or a little hut with a dirt floor.

So if I did win to have a house built . . .  definitely a master bedroom with my husband and I having our own bathroom (a Jacuzzi tub would be wonderful!).  We’ve never had that.  We only have two bathrooms, and we’ve made it work, but it’s been difficult, especially when all ten kids were living here at one time.  With still having four girls at home, there still can be tension when we are all going out at one time.  I’d also like one of the bathrooms to be large enough as a laundry room as well, near an outside door to be able to take laundry outside easier to hang up and for the kids to have a bathroom close to the door when they need to use it after playing outside.  Now, they have to go through half the house to get to the bathroom.  I’d only want four bedrooms – possibly two of them with a Jack and Jill bathroom.  I’d love a big open living area – with the kitchen, dining and living area – very airy and bright.  Another desire would be a library/craft/tv combination room . . . possibly a rustic look and we could use for homeschooling as well.    There must be lots of closet and storage space (a major lack in our current home).  And then a nice deck.  

So where is the drawing for my dream home?!?!?!



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