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Webpage Review: Houses for Sale in Calgary


‘ve had the privilege to read and review a webpage of Houses for Sale in Calgary.  My first impression, is it is very warm and welcoming, in the sense that it is not overwhelming with too much information to take in at once.  It’s not cluttered.  I like the background of a view of Calgary.  I also appreciate that it is not flooded with advertising that can appear on other real estate webpages.     There is no self-promotion of a lead real estate agent or what agency to go to.  

At the top of the home webpage it is easy to put in information of the type of home that one might be interested in searching for, such as price range, how many bedrooms and/or bathrooms, and what area of Calgary.  I believe this is in it’s beginning stages, and could not find any houses for sale through this yet, but I like the features and could see myself using something like this.

Probably my favorite area of the website is the “Neighborhood Search”.   How ideal this is for those knowing exactly where they want to live, to click it, and see what homes or condos are available.  It’s very simple to use, which I like.  There is also a “Google Map Search” where there is a way to draw a circle around the area one is looking for a home in, which may not be in a specific neighborhood, or may go into several different neighborhoods.  This I found a little more complicated to use.  It’s something I’d have to think more through, and figure out how to use.  I am sure once I’d spend the time to do so, it would be very beneficial.  

There are several other ways of searching for a home, including by Calgary MLS listings and address.   When clicking to these links, I like the backgrounds which are simple and easy to use.   I also really like the idea of their new “Mobile Search.”  How many times have I driven by a home for sale, especially as our daughter and her husband have been looking for one, and wondered how much it is.  With their GPS mobile search tool, it can locate where you are looking, and find what homes within a certain radius are for sale along with pertinent information on each listing, including how many bedrooms and the price and even pictures of the inside of the home.  I can see this being used a lot for home shoppers!

One area of the website I did not care for as much, was “Calgary Home Buying Tips” and “Tips for selling Your Calgary Home”.  Though the information is great, the backgrounds for both of these are too distracting.  Instead of making homes the full background, a plainer background with smaller pictures and information written below it would be easier to read and then making the pictures clickable to visually see further.  Those two pages are really the only two I’d make major changes with.  The rest of the webpage is very inviting and easy to use and something I believe could catch on with other real estate offices.



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