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Those Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Commercials


y kids are so embarrassed whenever the personal type commercials come on, even during good family shows.  Every day and numerous times, one comes on for Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Lawyer Houston.  My kids think it is ridiculous, but mainly because they do not understand all the details of this surgery that is done for women who either have a pelvic organ prolapse or the more common one, a stress urinary incontinence (SUI) which is a leakage of urine especially during coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise.

I have a friend who had this transvaginal mesh surgery and it did not work the first time and she was in a lot of pain . . . and it did not work the second time they tried to “fix” it and she was still in a lot of pain and extended bedrest and the third time, it was better, but she still has much of the original.  She has told me she wished she had never done it – and just dealt with it – like so many have in the past and will continue to do so.  It hurt to even walk and sit in certain positions for many months.  She also did not like the idea of three surgeries within a years period of time . . . being put out, dealing with the anesthesia and starting all over each time with recovery.  But she is young, and she did not want to go through the rest of her life, worrying about coughing or sneezing too hard!  

She has told me that her doctor was not the one at fault, but the FDA has found that there has been complications with erosion of the mesh, breaking through, possibly causing organ perforation, infections and continued pain along with more urinary problems and a recurrence of a prolapse and/or incontinence.  Some women have found it that it was not even possible to reverse their transvaginal mesh surgery.  Ugh!  

So, I’ve been able to talk to the kids a bit, and it’s been a learning experience, that our bodies are not perfect, and some things, we just need to leave be, and deal with it!

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4 thoughts on “Those Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Commercials

  1. I had the mesh surgery during the hysterectomy/tumor removal and have been injured by the mesh, too. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and the bleeding is scary and the reason that the mesh was done is back as well. Please pray for all of us dealing with the complications of this supposedly helpful surgery. Thank you.

      1. Thank you. It is bad at times, but I’ve been through worse. I’m waiting for a female doctor to come available to get my problem worked on. Thanks for the prayers

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