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Credit Counseling BEFORE Credit Card Approval?


here are so many requirements for kids before they graduate from high school,  but there is certainly a lack for some of the basics kids never learn, such as sewing, changing a tire, and a major one – knowing how to budget.  This alone is a good reason to homeschool!   Kids should know what interest and fees are, about buying a new car or a used car and which will actually cost more money and about mortgages and buying within their means.  Maybe before anyone gets their first credit card, they need to take credit counseling Atlanta before being approved for their first credit card and before a deep pit of debt is built up!

Kids and adults just do not get it when it comes to credit cards and loans.  It’s not free money to get what you want, when you want.  It does come with consequences – major debt, fees, interest, and STRESS!  If a job is lost or is downgraded, there is the great possibility ends cannot be met, and then it is a pick and choose time of which bills to pay and which to not pay.  The creditor calls become endless and can become a vicious circle of paying one credit card with another.  

There are some who get into these situations not by lack of responsibility, but life itself – such as a horrific accident,  no medical insurance and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of medical bills.   It may mean bankruptcy or debt relief of some sort, but again credit counseling and then debt repair may be necessary to get one on the right path.  



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