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Information Article: Criminal Lawyer New Haven CT


esides a child dying, I believe one of the worst things a parent can learn,  is that their adult child has committed a crime.  I cannot even begin to imagine the nightmare that begins, and probably seems as though it will never end.  Of course, probably most parent’s instinct would be, there has to be some kind of mistake.  There is no way our child would have done this.  But then the pieces begin to be put together, and there’s brief talks with the child, and the evidence all points at the adult child – the one that grew up in your home, that took piano lessons and made the honor roll, is in jail for a crime he may have committed.  What do you do?  Where do you start besides praying and crying?  Who do you call first?

Getting legal counsel is of utmost importance as quickly as possible.  You do not want to choose just any name from the phone book or from an internet search.  It must be a name that has expertise for the situation your loved one is in.  Criminal Lawyer New Haven CT , who has been practicing law in Connecticut state and federal courts since 1997 may be just the one to check into with help in avoiding a criminal record, jail, probation, house arrest, and significant fines and penalties.  It certainly depends on what exactly happened and whether truly guilty or not, and what the background of the situation is. Yet either way, finding a Criminal Attorney that you can trust and who will advise and defend you, is what is needed.  

Yes, nightmares happen in the best of families.  Having legal counsel will help get through it.



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