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Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision.
Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.


e certainly have many life changing decisions to make throughout life . . . from whether to go to college or not,   what church to go to, who to date, or not date, job decisions, etc.  Of course, the most decision I know I made is when I asked Jesus into my life. It meant life or death – heaven or hell.  It also influenced where I went to college and who I married and what church I went and go to!  I hope and pray my readers often see the results of this decision I made back in 1974.  

But there is another decision my husband and I had to make in regards to our daughter, Jessica Joy,whether she should have another open JessicaJoyBWheart surgery, a matter of just 8 weeks after she had her first open heart surgery.  She was only 13.5 months old when she had her first open heart surgery and though the first few days it seemed as the surgery went well, suddenly she went downhill.  She was near death’s door for many weeks.  Long story short, we had to decide whether she should have a tracheostomy (breathing tube through neck/windpipe), and being a great risk of her catching illnesses easily which could take her life OR, having another open heart surgery to have her mitral valve replaced –  but giving her only a 40% chance of making it through the surgery.  It was not even 50/50.  I can very clearly remember sitting at a big conference table and talking with numerous cardiologists in which was the best decision to make for our daughter.

The amazing thing is my husband and I had an easier time making the decision for our daughter than the doctors could.  The doctors did not fully agree among themselves in which way to go.  But, we wanted them to go ahead and do the surgery, and we even said, no matter what happens to our daughter, we believed she was in God’s hands, and that we would not blame them should she die.  If you would have told me even a year before, we’d have to make such a decision, I would not be to wrap my mind around it.  But God gave us such a peace – more of a peace with this second, fragile surgery, than the first.   The surgery was within a few days.  

That morning nurses were in tears when we walked into Jessica’s PICU room.  They had come to know the little precious person she is and they were very concerned about the outcome of the surgery, knowing the high risk.  As they wheeled her a way, and I was in tears, the surgeon came over to me, and touched my elbow and said, “I will bring her back.”  Several nurses were in shock when he said this to me and were told he never made such promises.  We also had a hard time meeting with him before her surgery.  He was having a hard time committing to the surgery.  So when he gave us that promise, we felt God had so clearly spoke through him and we were at great peace.  We went for lunch, took our time, and then back to the waiting room to wait for updates.  Her surgery went faster and better than any expected.  The surgeon told us after he completed the surgery, the numbers for her all looked amazing.  We knew it was because so many were praying for Jessica and the surgeon.  We brought her home less than two weeks later (this was after an almost three months stay in PICU).  

Yes, it was a life altering decision.  Had we made the decision for a trach, I do not believe we’d still have her on this side of heaven.  She is now almost 17 and an amazing reminder that miracles do happen!

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

  1. Beautiful, touching story! I can’t imagine the weight of such decisiona dn the fact that another precious human life is in your hands. I am yet to experience the motherhood and when reading texts as yours it seems that it will be the most beautiful but also the most difficult period of my life. Lots of hugs and best wishes to you and your family :).

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