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Listening & Learning from Advice


s our older children were growing up, we had a large swimming pool above ground which the kids loved and spent a lot of time in. But, I was a mean mom too.  Because the pool was located in a very sunny place we had the kids wear t-shirts over their suits especially when it was early afternoon.  I know the concerns of sunburn and skin cancer.  They hated it, but I know I was being a good mom too!

Then these same older kids, now young adults, have gone to tanning booths.  It’s like fighting a losing battle with them, and I’ve had to somewhat give up.  I’ve read all the warnings . . . have sent them the links . . . others have warned them, and at least two of the four that were doing it, still do. One of our sons did get a skin cancer spot on his face which he had to get taken off and I think it did scare him.  I heard that when he goes to the beach he at least puts sun screen on now.  I feel bad it takes something like this to scare them, but it’s one of the battles I can let go of and let them make a decision, even if it is the hardway. 

A lot of life can be this way, can’t it?  It’s hard as a mom when we see what our kids are doing, know they can get hurt, either emotionally, spiritually or physically, and yet, they proceed.  I too am still very much in the process of learning, I do not have to own their mistakes and growing pains, and let them learn the lessons that they may have to learn the hard way, just as I continue to learn, sometimes the hard way.   So many are quick to blame other people for their own mistakes, quick to sue and run to Pukekohe Family Lawyers because of the wrong decisions, yet, had they thought ahead, they may not be in the situation they are in.  Of course there is the time and place for legal advice, but many times the advice from parents and elders, would avoid many heartaches.



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