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Five Minute Friday: In Between

In Between

Start . . .

I’ve been told I have ADD.  I was never labeled this as a kid, but I remember my parents saying, “can’t you finish any one thing?” or what a scatter brain I am.  I guess I have not totally improved with this.  I have numerous books I am reading . . . depending on my mood – a fluff (fiction) book, a Spiritual book, a true story, a help book, etc.  It’s one reason I’ve not done well with reading through the Bible.  I get distracted with reading  . . .  and keep going . . . and read the side notes – and go to those – and soon I am doing a study on something . . . . Though God certainly has used that.  And whenever I go to Good Will, I seem to find another book t0 add to my list.  And there’s NUMEROUS books on my Kindle that I got for free.  Yup, I am in between many books!  

And before looking to see what the word is for Five Minute Friday,  I had been pinning on Pinterest (you can find me here).  Yup . . . I’ve pinned a lot.  Then my daughters pin things . . . and I go to check them out.  Between recipes and crafts, sewing and knitting ideas, I have many projects lined up . . . probably enough for years!   And, I have numerous projects I am in the middle of, and always seem to add another, in between them.  I have a baby quilt started for my first grandbaby (have you heard I am going to be a grandma in September?!?!?!  Stay tuned!!!), and numerous little taggy silky baby blankies, several cross stitch projects, a large scrap yarn knitted throw I started over a year ago for our home, a knitted baby blanket (I am going to be a grandma!!!), and dish clothes and now I just found this knitted dish cloth scrubbie I want to do!  Yes, another project to add in between the many projects.  

I am so thankful God does not have me in between His projects.  He doesn’t forget what part He is at with me and where to start or to just start all over again with me.  He keeps working on me – even when I get distracted – even when “I” put things in between Him and me.  He continually waits, welcomes me back – and encourages me.  

. . . Finish

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Joining Lisa-Jo and her Five Minute Friday.
” five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right “

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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: In Between

  1. Hi Loni,
    So glad to be able to visit again..I chuckled as I read your post as I have several books going at once, and I still haven’t read through the Bible although I have tried several times…Congrats on your grandchild coming in Sept…how exciting 🙂

  2. I saw your pingback on my comment monitor and came to see what was up w/the pingback. I love your post. I thought I was reading my world. Though not as busy … it’s so similar. And, right now, I think I’ll revel in that. I think on “Lumosity” they call that Iskill) highly flexible! 😉 Who knew? Right?

    Love your profile photo and just enjoyed your post! Thanks!

  3. I resemble your comments… I can’t read just one book or have just one project going… I get bored… and I have started a few baby projects because I am going to be a grandma too… someday hopefully…. or maybe I will just have lovely things to give to others and too am thankful that God does not get bored or frustrated with me. He is so good & faithful.
    Many blessings!

  4. “He continually waits, welcomes me back – and encourages me.” HE does that even if i am in between anything — grateful for His faithfulness! thank you for the pingback, am so touched — April

  5. Hi Loni, great last paragraph .. thanks for putting me down as a relating article 🙂 I can relate to your personality, and I have decided that it is a great quality to have as a mother since when my children do not ‘allow’ me to finish something (through the constant needs of the older ones and with the baby, I have realized best way with to get through most days is to keep moving and grooving – God did this to give them lots of stimuli to formulate those brain synapses!), but when they interrupt me, I have no problem stopping what I am doing and getting on a different track with something else. I remind myself one day you will have a quiet house where you can put hours into projects and finish them. But, perhaps like you, I will not then either! Chuckle.

    Congrats on your upcoming ‘grandmother-hood’ – from all I have seen, it is quite the gig.

  6. Lovely. Thank you for sharing about how we are never In Between to Him. His eye is always on us. He never lets us out of His gaze. Love it!! And yes, I have ADD too…or at least I think I do. Great starter, poor finisher. Distractions are a plenty. Thanks again for sharing! Love, love.

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