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Thankful Thursday ~ A Child Understanding Discipline


ometimes this parenting stuff gets pretty wearing. Our older kids will say we let the youngest ones get by with so much more – and I see it at times.  Tonight the youngest broke a pencil on purpose when a sister was loudly begging him not to.  Well, he got disciplined.  He didn’t like the discipline, nor me.  I “made” him tell his sister he was sorry, which he did.  He went to his bedroom and sulked.  He told another sister, mom is mean. So, I called him back to me and explained why I had to discipline and that I loved him and how God wants me to take care of him and that means correcting and teaching him too.  He listened intently, I hugged him and I told him to go back to bed.  

He asked, “Can I tell her I am REALLY sorry, first?

He got it!  He wasn’t really sorry when I made him tell her – but he definitely was when he did it on his own.  And the weary and wearing parenting will continue – but today, I am extra thankful and blessed for the reward of a child understanding why he was disciplined and for the true remorse and making it right.  

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