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Yes, YOUR child or MY child could be doing drugs


pray often that my kids do not follow the road of destruction with getting into drugs. No parent can ever say, it won’t happen with their child.  Some of the best families we know – one with an only child – who could get all he wanted and another loving, large family – are going through the heartache of watching their child be controlled by drugs.  Moms fear the call that a child overdosed and is dead.  Moms fear of never hearing from their child again.  There is so much that can go wrong with doing drugs that both children and adults can be blind to, and the drugs overtake. 

A mom told me she’s relieved when her son is in jail.  She hopes and prays he can get himself clean and stay that way – and she knows at least, temporarily, where he is.  Another mom I know found a needle in her home and asked her son if he was doing drugs.  He broke down and said he needed help.  He said he was hooked after the first time.  He wanted to go to a Drug Rehab Orange County.  He said he tried to get off of the drugs, but just could not on his own.  She took him in that very  night, and watched as they kindly walked her son away.  She said it was the hardest thing she had ever done.  And she knew he would be going through the hardest days ahead.  

So, it’s why I continue to pray for my kids and the peer pressure they face so often.  It’s out there, everywhere.  I don’t want to be blind to what my kids can see and hear about everyday.



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