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{rarely} Wordless Wednesday ~ The Red Mushroom Gift

Almost two years ago when our son married, I was having a tough time with our missed son in heaven not being a part of his brother’s special day.  The day before or so, I went to the cemetery  and there was a red mushroom growing by his gravestone.  Red was Matthew’s favorite color.  It was just a special gift God allowed me to have . . .  like Matthew was a part of that day and God knew how it was important to me.  I had never seen red mushrooms before.  
Since then, I’ve even collected some red mushrooms and a friend who shares his same birthday, gave me one.  Last week I was having one of those, really-missing-him-days, and stopped at the cemetery and yes, there was another red mushroom.  It was just a neat blessing, again.  It had been nearly two years since the last one.  Love how God blesses with even the little things, like a red mushroom!  
(red mushroom in center top, is the “real” one that just grew . . .
The red mushroom off to right side is a ceramic one)
Red Mushroom1
(the little mushroom below the “IN” in WORSHIPPING is the new mushroom)
Red Mushroom 2
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2 thoughts on “{rarely} Wordless Wednesday ~ The Red Mushroom Gift

  1. That is so sweet. I am glad that Heavenly Father sent you a sign that your son was there in spirit. I am sorry that he wasn’t there in person. I am so sorry for your loss.

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