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Daily Prompt: Morality Play

Daily Prompt: Morality Play

Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?


s I think of this question, I know in various stages of my life, I would have answered it differently.  As a kid, it would have been because it’s the way my parents did.  It’s interesting even the way my husband and I were brought up and how our parents observed things differently as moral – or their “convictions”.  One of our families would never go out to eat on Sunday because it was making other people work, while the other family did, because then mom did not have to work.  One family would allow “sewing” if it was a thing that was enjoyable, while the other family did not.  One got the Sunday newspaper – the other did not.  One would allow swimming on Sunday – again, the other family, not.

Then a good ten plus years ago we were in a very strict, legalistic church, and we followed most of the list  such as  women and girls not wearing pants . . . plus we added to it somewhat – our own ideals that we thought were what God wanted us to do.  Now,  I hope we are following the morals and convictions God lays on our hearts.  It’s not a list – it’s not written in stone – and even with our children we are learning to not major on the minors.  Had you told me 15 years ago I’d “allow” one of my boys to wear an earring – I’d have said, if one of my boys comes home with an earring in, I will rip it out!  Two of my boys come home with earrings in – and I’ve not ripped them out.  I’ve let it go.  There’s other things to be more concerned about and pray about.  Where are their hearts?  Do they honor God?  How do they care for others?  

I’ve probably gone off the actual “moral” issue here.  My morals now are definitely my faith and what Jesus would want me to do.  And it can change as convictions change and as God grows me. Following the ten commandments and most of all loving one another, takes care of most of it!  Yes, there are some that do not believe the same way we do.  We have found that with even eating “pork.”  We do not eat it often, but if we do, and have guests over, I will ask first.  If they have convictions of not eating it – that is fine, I can serve something else with no fussing about it!  I think that is where “love one another” comes in pretty well.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Morality Play

  1. Love, thank you for sharing. I also have allowed the will of God to be the priority for each chapter of my life. If we all would turn to Christ for the direction of our “morals”, we would have the heart of Christ, and less “judgmental morals”. Do we want others to see our “morals” or the reflection of Christ’s love in our life? I believe that the love of Christ is what draws the unsaved, to the knowledge of Christ. Our “morals” should be the reflection of Jesus Christ Our Savior.

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