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Visiting Kharkov?


cannot imagine visiting Kharkov but there are definitely those that do!  Kharkov is the second largest city in the Ukraine and is known to be one of the most prolific places of higher education and research of Eastern Europe.  Kharkov has thirteen national universities and numerous professional, technical and private higher education institutions.  A total of 150,000 students go to the universities and other places of higher education in Kharkov which includes 9,000 foreign students from 96 countries studying in Kharkov.  Add to this, 17,000 faculty and research personnel along with 26,000 scientists working in research and development!  That is a lot of people in Kharkov for education and research.  Where do they all stay?  Where does family and friends stay when they visit?  What about business people?

Hotels are found to be quite expensive in Kharkov, many of which are run down.  An option many are choosing is short term apartment rentals in Kharkov.  Hotels charge per person but with apartment rentals kharkov the payment is for the whole apartment which certainly is a lot more economical.  Depending on the level of quality of the apartment and how long one is staying, it can be anywhere from 25 euros per night to over 100 euros per night.  

Those that travel to Kharkov for business purposes will find the same with a retail space for rent in Kharkov.  Instead of renting a conference room in a hotel, finding a retail space to rent saves money and time and can have more of a business atmosphere.  I certainly do not plan on visiting here, but it appears to be a place where lots of people are learning and researching which requires both living and business accommodations.



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