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{rarely} Wordless Wednesday ~ Father’s Day Candy Card (not wordless!)


(words from card written below picture)
Father's Day Candy Card

(below it shows the name of the candy bar in bold red, along with some of the “corrections” made on the candy bars)

Dear Sugar Daddy (our Sweetartsheart)

We knew we’d SKOR big if we gave you a Whoppersing 100Grand for Father’s Day.  But the money slipped through our Butterfingers.  We didn’t have an Extra Whatchamacallit to sell and it wasn’t PayDay.  We didn’t think a pet KitKat or or a trip to New York or an Orbit around the MilkyWay would do, even if we could Crunch the $.  We want to wish you a Mounds of Almond Joy both Now & Later as you Take Five to eat this card.  We hope it makes you Chuckles and not Rolover and get sick.  If it does, we won’t Snickers.

Love, Your Air Heads (Five different Air Heads were used with each of the children’s names)

Wordless Wednesday Hop


 Wordless Wednesday

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