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Outdoor Swing Cushions Recovered for Less than $4!!


nother Pinterest project is completed!   (hundreds yet to do!)

Our outdoor swing cushions have been looking pretty sad for sometime.  I’ve looked and looked at making covers or for a great deal on purchasing new covers.  It’s just SO expensive.  Upholstery fabric is expensive.  And then, I saw on Pinterest to use shower curtains for covering the cushions!  They are waterproof and clean easy and there’s great designs out there! So, began a new search!  Watching for shower curtains at Good Will and yesterday I landed them!  $3.29 for a BRAND NEW shower curtain! Yes, I almost did the happy dance right there in the store!  I was so excited!  And in about 2 hours last evening,  the swing cushions were covered!  When my 19 year old son even likes it, I know it’s good!  The swing looks so much more inviting now!  (Picture quality is not the best – it was taken at 11 pm last night!)


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