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Five Minute Friday: I can only IMAGINE


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The first thing I think of with this word, imagine, is the song, I Can Only Imagine . . . maybe because a few days ago was our son’s birthday who is in heaven, and that song has always been special.  I’ve often thought of the moment he first arrived in heaven . . . those first few moments – the awe and wonder.  Did he turn around and wonder how he got there?  What were his first thoughts there?  Did he meet my mom and grandpa for the first time?  I can only imagine!  

And, when the kids and I talk, we imagine what it will be like –

imagine things we will not miss . . .
no falling down, scrapping knees,
no casts in heaven,
no cavities or spankings;
tree limbs won’t break over the tire swing,
no more heart surgeries or broken hearts,
and no worries of bills, if there will be a tornado
or if someone will hurt us or reject us (again)
. . .  and no drama!  

And we imagine what it will be like . . .

the first time we see Jesus, will we touch His hands – or will His hands reach out for us first . . .
how green will the grass be,
and how clear will those still waters be,
and how shinny the golden streets?  

And we imagine again, the questions we’d like to ask of Jesus . . .
but then, will it really matter anymore?

Imagine meeting David, Esther, Job and Mary . . .
imagine eating from His table – unblemished food,
no worry of pesticides, worms in apples or what causes cancer

Someday we will not imagine anymore,
there will be no more good-byes, no more tears
and truth and wholeness will always be.
We will be like Him.

I can only imagine.

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: I can only IMAGINE

  1. Great minds think alike, wrote about this today too. I can only imagine! Looking forward to what He has for us there,something better than we could ever really imagine. 🙂

  2. When I read you post, I am assured that one day we will be free…and one day we will be reunited with all whom we’ve lost. I will see my baby girls, my dad, my grandma. I look forward to that reunion.

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