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Learning about Identity Theft the hard way


ave you had any problems ever with identity theft?  It’s not fun. It happened to me just a matter of days before one of our kid’s weddings. I have one personal charge card for making those emergency purchases, and it was something we needed for the wedding.  I went to charge it, and it was denied. The cashier ran it again.  Denied again. Talk about a sinking feeling. I wasn’t even charging that much and knew there was no way that my credit was used up and I knew too, I had not missed a payment.  I went home, empty-handed, went on-line and nearly had a heart attack!  There was a charge for a bike for THOUSANDS of dollars!  I called the credit card company and they cancelled my card, but it took months before it was actually resolved and I was cleared of it.  The other weird thing is when I called the credit card company, not only was this charge made, information on my account was changed, including my phone number and address.  

This experience made me request a credit report to see what was all on it and I did catch some other inaccurate information.  I am not sure how someone got my information and was able to change it.  Possibly, when I was online shopping for wedding things, I may have purchased something from an insecure sight and my information was stolen.  I will not purchase anything on-line in a public place such as a library or fast-food restaurant.  It’s just not worth taking the chance with that.  I’d rather be in my home, on my secure computer, only our family knowing the passwords.  

There is a reason credit monitoring is readily available and it is definitely worth checking into, especially for a person that has many credit cards and bank accounts.  It’s just about impossible to check every account every day.  One incident like I went through can be quite devastating, and certainly come at the wrong time.  Thankfully, mine was minor compared to other stories I’ve heard.  



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