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Who took a trucking buying class?!?!


ne job that both my husband and my sons have never had is driving a truck for a living. And for this, I am very thankful. I have a lot of respect for truck drivers and their families, especially those that drive cross country and are gone for many days at a time.  Not only does the driver have a lot of responsibility, from what he or she is hauling, to get to the destination on time and in good condition, but also for those that are driving around him/her.  The driver must be alert, take breaks, and definitely get enough solid sleep.  

For the truck driver that is independent, there is also that great responsibility when he or she needs to buy a truck.  Where do you even begin?    I know I’d have a lot of questions even if it was my husband buying the truck! It seems a class needs to be taken just for truck sales, both buying and selling!  Will the person selling the truck be honest?  Why are they selling it?  When is a deal too good to be true and you need to run the other way?  What is at the top of the list for questions to ask?  Is there such a thing as a starter truck . . . a “cheap” truck for getting a business going before spending too much money?  What are the best on road trucks?  Why should Kenworth trucks for sale be something I check into?  

I am thankful buying a truck is not one of the things on my to-do list.  But if it’s on yours . . . I am impressed!  



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