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Personal Assistance for Finding London Accommodations


cannot imagine visiting another country and not having some kind of tour guide or someone who can communicate clearly with me where to stay and where to visit.   It can appear to be a wonderful place to stay when looking on-line at places, but we have had it happen just with a place within the states –  seeing beautiful pictures of a hotel, to only find out, it was a picture of the hotel next to it and we got a dumpy place.  Imagine the nightmare of this in another country! There are definitely places I’d love to visit, yet the idea of the language barrier, and getting lost are two major concerns.  And then, is the area I’ve chosen to stay in, safe.  Will the people managing the place be able to communicate well with me and understand where I would like to go and suggest places to visit?  It is all a difficult decision to make!

However, in doing some reading, I found interesting assistance in London.  Robert and Polly Arnold are Londoners, having lived there all their lives, along with their three children.  For over 22 years they owned and operated London family apartments.  They know how difficult it can be for visitors to find the right place to stay from  a search on the internet.   So, they personally investigate numerous London Apartments and B&B Hotels each week,  finding places where THEY would be happy to stay, and then publicize and share this information.  If they would not stay there, they do not recommend it.   And not only do they recommend where to stay, with their knowing Central London very well, they can recommend sights to visit and how to get there.  

I can understand how taking the Arnold’s advice with staying at one of their recommended London Apartments, will alleviate many of the  concerns and aggravations, allowing for either more family vacation time or making a business trip more productive and yet, still having time to visit special landmarks.   I’d love to hear from any who have visited London, and what their experience was.



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