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Helps for having an Organic Lawn


ow is the busiest season for my husband’s small engine repair business. This is when he gets many lawnmowers and garden tractors in.  Seasonal tune-ups can take care of many of the minor issues – including bad gas that has been left in since the fall.  And there’s some customers who have the immaculate lush lawns and have a service such as  and want extra sharp blades or want to make sure their mulching blades are in their best condition.  

blogSince many are trying to go more organic with both using safer weed controls or a more natural   control, mowing a lawn with a mulching lawnmower can also help. A mulcher does not blow out the grass, but instead it continually re-cuts the grass into such a fine consistency that the grass drops back into the lawn. This finely chopped grass will break down usually in less than ten days and will decompose into the soil along with nutrients being released and help the grass to grow.  Research has proven that as much as 10 to 15 percent of a lawn’s required nutrients can come from the clippings as a result of using a mulching mower. Also,  every time it rains or the grass is watered, this decomposition accelerates, helping for healthier grass sooner.  But until the grass has decomposed, it actually helps shade part of the lawn, keeping the water in your soil longer and help stop the germination of weed seeds.  

So using a mulcher lawnmower can help what the commercial lawn care services are also trying to do with making a lawn beautiful.



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