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Dreaming of Buying MY Car!


e have been watching for a good deal on a car for awhile now. We are pretty much running our mini-van into the ground.  And now for several months, the power steering is gone.  Power steering fluid is poured in and leaks right out. And believe me, it is not easy at all driving a vehicle with no power steering. It’s a major workout!  

Ideally, we’d love to have another mini-van AND a small car for just when a few of us are traveling, such as this new classy Fiat convertible.  Well, actually, I’d like to have my very own car.    But I do love the look of several different Fiats.  I can imagine driving, in especially higher traffic areas, how wonderful it would be to have a car that gets 40 MPG highway.  I suppose if I lived in Florida and I was one who loved tanning and being beach side, I’d be so tempted to go to a dealership, such as Fiat South Miami and pick one from the lot and drive off with the sunroof open or the roof down.  To be able to go many places with much less gas usage and be able to get into tight places with such a small car would be a dream.  

And yes, it’s late . . . and this mom is dreaming!



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