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Daily Prompt: Bittersweet Memories ~ Matthew about 3 years old

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?
Daily Prompt


our youngest son, now 6,  has been the ring bearer for our three kids’ weddings in the last 2 years.   Of course, we thought he was quite adorable and he took it very seriously and did a great job.  But as with any of our celebrations there’s always that missing person, our son, Matthew who has been in heaven over 8 years now.  Next week will be his 25th birthday.  Especially when our oldest son got married, I noticed the gap – he would have been standing next to his brother.  I hope God gave him a peek through the clouds of his siblings’ special days.  

One of the gifts my mom-in-law gave me for my last birthday was this picture of Matthew as a ring bearer for my husband’s sister’s wedding – nearly 22 years ago.  It definitely is a very bittersweet, nostalgic picture that I am SO thankful for and for the precious memory that I hold dear.

Matthew Joe

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