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Information Article: California Cool Roofing Requirements


alifornians have a fairly new law that must be followed when re-roofing homes. It cannot be just a quick do-over roof to get by.  In 2010 “Title 24” went into effect which requires an upgraded roof color that meets a Solar Reflective Index of 16 which is called a “cool roof”.  What this means is that on hot sunny days, the cool roof helps reduce the energy needed for air conditioning to cool a home.  Light colored roof surfaces reflect the solar energy and therefore, stay cooler.  Along with a cool roof, high emittance is also regulated, which is how the heat escapes from the surface once it is absorbed. A high-emittance roof gives off the absorbed heat much more quickly by going up and out of the home.  

So putting on a new roof is not just slapping on new shingles over the old ones.  Most homeowners would not be able to do this under the Title 24 compliance and would need the guidance of  commercial roofing contractors to do the job correctly.  The great advantage of getting a cool roof done correctly, because they are highly reflective and emissive, the roof can stay 50-60 degrees F cooler than a normal roof under the hot California sun.  That can be an amazing savings with not having the air conditioning on non-stop.

Doing research  and finding a commercial roofing contractor in San Jose, CA may seem at first like a major expense, but in time, will pay itself off because of the money it will save in energy.  Cool roofs can also cut maintenance costs and increase the life expectancy of the roof.  That definitely is a long term savings plan!



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