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Book Review: The Artist’s Daughter by Alexandra Kuykendall

And gratitude once more:  that God pursued us all.
Pursued me. And offered me hope in my hurting places.
(The Artist’s Daughter, page 75)


am not even sure how to describe this book,  The Artist’s Daughter: A Memoir, other than, it’s real, honest, and painful and she shows how God continued to pursue her despite the pains she went through.   The author, Alexandra Kuykendall, shares the depth’s of her heart from a hurting childhood to her journey of healing.  She shares the questions that gripped her heart, “Am I lovable? Am I loved? Am I loving?”  I imagine many of us women have asked the same questions.  This book hit me quite personally as well.

bookShe writes because she feels her story is not only important to share with others who can relate and begin healing as she has, but also for the sake of encouraging us to share our stories with our children, so they know where we have come from, even through the trials and deep pains, and how God’s grace has gone us through and used it.  She shares how she has yearned for love and acceptance, and how it hurt her relationship with her husband.  She felt great rejection from her dad.  She had to learn how to forgive him.

Most of all, Mrs. Kuykendall certifies that the beauty in her life is because of the Heavenly Artist and her desire to be a willing canvas for Him.

I highly recommend The Artist’s Daughter There were many portions that hit my heart hard, and believe it can touch other’s hearts as well – probably in different ways in which God wants to touch us through her life story.

I received a free copy of The Artist’s Daughter in exchange for an honest review.
Available May 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


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