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Learning about New Zealand


have never traveled outside of the United States.   With homeschooling, the children and I look at various places on the internet where we’d like to visit and several of the kids have said recently that they would like to visit New Zealand.  We even learned that homeschooling is legal in New Zealand and parents are given funding to homeschool their children!   One of my kids asked if visiting New Zealand was on my bucket list!  (I don’t have a bucket list!).  What amazes us in reading about New Zealand is the vast amount of geography, culture and history that can be seen.  

The Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

New Zealand is known as an island nation with over thirty islands that make it up, but the main three where most people live, are North Island, South Island and Stewart Island.  I do not know how one just picks where to visit in New Zealand.  It sounds amazing!  

South Island alone has so much to see, including Mount Cook National Park where the highest mountains can be viewed, permanent snow fields and glaciers covering 40% of the park. There are over 400 different types of plants and 35-40 species of birds.   I imagine some of the awe of this gives a glimpse of  heaven.

One thing we have read over and over again about New Zealand is their pure air because of little pollution.  Along with this, their lifestyle does not seem to be as hectic as it is in the states.  We have read how friendly the people are, many asking to be called by their first name right away.    When flying to New Zealand, most land at the Auckland Airport which was voted the 8th best airport in the world in 2011 at the World Airport Awards.  After landing, of course transportation is needed and Best Car Rental Auckland Airport is readily available.  I can imagine if my son and his wife went to visit, they’d want to travel by motorcycle  which many like to tour by.  Of course, my son being mechanically minded, he’d want to know where a place such as Motomart Motorcycle Accessories is.

At this time, 83 cents equals one dollar in New Zealand.  Tips are not expected for normal service including in restaurants.  Tranquility and awe are a part of New Zealand.  It seems as though those that move to New Zealand want to stay there and  Home Loans NZ are something people take seriously in settling down.  I’ve been enticed reading about it!



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