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Be Educated When Buying A Diamond or Engagement Ring


id you ever think before you went engagement ring or diamond shopping that you really should know what you are looking for and be educated about diamonds?  Would a  young couple realize they should read something like how to buy a diamond, to know to about such things such as the diamond cut may be more important than how many carats the diamond is or that they should ask if it is a certified diamond.   Three of our kids married in the last two years, and one engagement ring has been quite the disappointment.  

My daughter-in-law’s engagement ring has not held up.  On the day of her wedding one of the bridesmaids noticed a small diamond was missing, but did not tell her until later.  She was able to send it in through the jewelry store after their honeymoon to have a new one put in – but it’s happened again, several times.  Thankfully, her engagement ring has a lifetime warranty, but it’s been quite a hassle, because when she sends it in, she’s without it for several weeks.  She finally said something at the jewelry store about it, and the jeweler told her, it was very typical with the type of ring she has.  WHAT?!?!?!  Why weren’t they told this BEFORE they bought it?  They are just to accept this as normal for diamonds to fall out of a ring?  She asked if she could choose a different ring because of all the problems with her ring and they said they would give her a credit, but she had to pick out a ring twice as expensive and pay the difference.  This just does not sound like good business dealings that a reputable jewelry store in a visible mall setting would want to be known for.  

For many, when they buy an engagement ring, it is the first time purchasing a diamond, and they do not understand what they should be careful with.  We did not instruct our son what to look for when he went ring and diamond shopping.  I am sure with what they have experienced, they will tell others to research first what they want to look for and what to be careful with and to ask lots of questions.   Such as, if you live in Texas, you can find  jewelers in Houston. Investigate their webpage thoroughly  before going into their store.  Even use their contact information to call and ask questions before going in.  A friendly personality that is not too pushy, yet very honestly informative, can be a reason to trust and check out the jewelry store.  Going in with a list of questions and the guidelines you feel are important will help you be ahead of many.  

Buying a diamond for any reason is special.  Buying the right one of quality will keep it special.  



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4 thoughts on “Be Educated When Buying A Diamond or Engagement Ring

  1. My husband visited every jeweler in every town he passed through for six months before purchasing my ring (from Lenny Durbin in Houston, btw). It’s been 15 years now and it still looks wonderful.

    What kind of ring was the disappointing ring? Was it one of those lovely creations with a big rock in the center and little sparklers all around?

    1. Yes, it has a lot of little stones around a center one and the little ones keep coming out. SO disappointing for her, that she’s even scared of wearing it. 😦 Certainly should not be happening this often within 2 years of purchasing!

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