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God Supplying the Desires of my Heart


don’t know why it surprises me so much when God provides in such unique ways with our wants – WillowTreethe little things that I think really would not matter to Him. But He sure does and I guess it just shows how much He cares even with the little details of everyday life.  

Friday morning as I was getting the day going, I prayed that I’d find a specific Willow Tree figurine for my daughter that is pregnant, since Sunday would be her first Mother’s Day.  Our local Hallmark had closed several months ago, so I called a pharmacy in a neighboring city that carries the Willow Tree figurines.  I asked the gal who answered if she could check and see if they have the pregnant mom Willow Tree figurine, “Awaiting a Miracle” and she did.  AND, told me that they are HALF OFF!  WOW!   I asked her to hold if for me for an hour.  

One of my sons drove me to the pharmacy, and he was even wow’d when he saw it because he had taken a pottery class with his pregnant sister, and she had made a pregnant mom, and after coming out of the kiln, the pregnant tummy was gone.  😦  She was quite disappointed.  As I was paying for the figurine, the gal told me that her manager heard her telling me on the phone that the Willow Trees were half off, and that the sign should have been taken down, so I was the last one to get one at that sale price!  Another WOW and thank you Father!

My daughter was delighted to get the figurine (she had the Willow Tree wedding couple on her wedding cake).  I’ve told several friends since the story and have been told repeatedly that these rarely go on sale, let alone half off.  

So why do I not believe my Father can’t take care of the desires of my heart more often?

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