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Information Article: Custom Food Trucks


ave you ever visited a food truck, such as a catering trailer or a restaurant on wheels?  There is one in our area that some of our kids like to visit, rather than running through a fast food restaurant.  It’s just two men that run it – one that takes the orders and money and the other that is doing the cooking.  And it’s good food – such as fresh homemade french fries and chips along with wonderful panini type sandwiches.   My husband and I stopped by there once after our kids recommending it to us, and we were quite impressed.  They had a  custom made food truck, specifically made for what they are doing on the road.  Though right now they show up at the same place everyday for the lunch hour, during special events within the state, they travel to that, especially over the weekends.  For this food truck business, his truck is mainly set up for grilling the paninis and deep frying the chips and fries.  He did not sell frozen desserts such as ice cream.  

I had never thought of a business of designing and setting up a food truck according to a specific business.  Custom Food Trucks Texas is one such place that has been in business for over 20 years.  They know and understand the various options for Food Truck owners and know how to customize it to their specific needs.  They don’t just take any custom food truck order, but make sure their customers understand what they really need and possibly things they did not think of.  They listen to questions and the way their customer wants to use their food truck.

And whether it be a small catering trailer such as the one in our city that serves only various panini sandwiches and chips and fries, or a large mobile restaurant that travels around with the circus and needs to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, simple, small scale or large and elaborate, Custom Food Trucks is certainly one to consider for specific needs and options.  They are dedicated to their customers both professionally and with excellent personal, customer service.  It sure gives a totally different overview of the food truck industry and the important business they have.



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