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Rusty Solomon – Who is he?


ave you ever heard of Rusty Solomon?  Can you guess what his  job is with a salary of $52,000 which does not include $150,000 in bonuses?  And how does he get such large bonuses? His job has something to do with being a cook.  He is responsible for five assistant cooks and works a full 14 hour shift every day.  He feeds 160 lonely people who sometimes do not see their families for quite some time.  Who is this man and who does he work for? 

The Australian Navy was the career choice of Rusty Solomon and he is one of the highest paid people in the Australian Navy because of his dedication.  Though to us, it seems like a hard job with little rewards, he loves his job along with encouraging the 160 sailors he feeds every day, for nine months straight, with no holiday breaks.  He does his best to make healthy meals, but does not forget birthday celebrations with cupcakes for the sailors, meeting their emotional needs as well

All these 480 meals are  accomplished on a submarine, in a galley no wider than three feet across.  Have you seen the galley in a jet?  Those are more spacious than the submarine’s kitchen.  When our every day lives seem complicated and no where to turn for privacy, imagine what this man does to make the best out of the life he is living in very small quarters, with a goal to better other’s lives as well.



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