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More Signs of Spring!


f you come by for a visit, you may hear the “tweep tweeps” of little chicks more than the children’s voices!  A dozen little chicks sure can make a lot of noise!  This is just the start of our new brood.  We plan on getting turkeys and other little chicks.  These are Bantums and Rhode Island Reds.

The old hens that are a part of our family are not laying as many eggs, so we need a fresh group of chicks to give us more!  And it’s also a great opportunity to have our children be a part of this with giving them responsibilities of giving the chicks their chicken feed and water.

We have also had ducks in the past, which are so fun to watch, waddling after each other.  Yes, the kids have had the responsibility of the duck feed as well.  We have had goats and sheep in the past and that has been very interesting to learn about.  We have never had pigs and the kids think it would be so much fun to watch them play in the mud.  They have even asked if they can just put their Pig Feed in the mud!  I don’t think so!!!

Yes, it’s certainly the signs of spring here – even though here in Michigan it can be 33 one day and 70 the next!

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