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Five Minute Friday: My BRAVE Daughter – God’s BRAVE Child


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We have been homeschooling for over 20 years.  This past year my daughter Jessica, who has gone through 3 open heart surgeries, has been attending a charter school.  I was really leery of it – actually quite against it.  It went against every cell of my body, but she somehow talked her dad into it, and we decided to let her go on a trial basis.  It is a small school –  only about 100 students.  The teachers and staff all know her well, and the students are getting to know her well.  Jessica has strong convictions – her very own.  And she is definitely brave when it comes to standing up for what she believes.  And kids are noticing and asking her questions, telling her she can swear – no body will tell her parents.  She can cheat on a test – and the kids show her how.  She clearly tells them she will not participate.  Now kids get upset when others try to bribe her into doing something she shouldn’t do.

She has a poster in her locker that says, 

I am not a beer chuggin, pot trippin
Cigar puffin, drug dealing Christian.

I am a God lovin, Satan slamin
Jesus Freakin, World Changin

I am a Warrior
For Christ.

Kids will stop by her and read it – some will remark – others walk away. But none have made fun of her. 

Today a girl came running up to Jessica when she got to school and hugged her.  The girl then told her, “I thought you should know, I am gay.”  Jessica then said, “Oh”, and proceeded to put her books together.  The girl asked her if they could still be friends.  Jessica said, “Of course, you are my friend.”  The girl told her she did not think Jessica would be her friend to gay girls . . .  and then told her she was just testing her – that she was not gay.  The girl then told several other girls in a group later that Jessica was hanging around with.  The girls were surprised and even questioned her on it.  She was brave and told them that they are friends with her and know she is a Christian and let her tell them about her beliefs and they do not abandon her, and she won’t them.    

Yes, it’s a proud mama moment – but I think even more so, Jesus is smiling down at His brave child who shines for Him without hesitation

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15 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: My BRAVE Daughter – God’s BRAVE Child

  1. If we could all learn to be as brave as your daughter, I pray that God continues to open doors for her to share her faith and bravery to walk through them

  2. You might not have thought your daughter needed a charter school, but it’s pretty obvious the charter school and kids there need HER witness.

  3. Stopping by from FMF…way to be brave, dear daughter of Loni! Real bravery is shining God’s love in dark places–in hearts, in schools, in nations. Your daughter showed her peers the beauty of God’s love–holding fast to what she knows is true while holding fast in love to those around her, regardless.

  4. Thank you for pingback. Love your post. Praying my kids end up that bold and with that level of conviction and grace. Thank you for posting…. Beautifully written. Blessings!

  5. Visiting with FMF. (Thanks for the pingback!) Your daughter sounds like a lovely person who knows who she is. So glad that she could share God’s love with a girl who expected to be rejected.

  6. Your daughter obviously got a real good grounding in her faith and who she is through her parents. She’s bold and it’s so awesome she will stand up for what she believes. Love it. You guys must be so proud of her.

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