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Geek News or Coupons?


s there someone in your family that really enjoys the science technology type information . . . like the type of technology information that goes over most people’s heads . . . you know . . . geek news, such as Adaptive Optics Improve Measurements of the Properties of Stars or Researchers Uncover Molecular Pathway to Grow New Arteries.  It’s sure not something I am yearning to read every day, but some folks just cannot get enough!

This technology news 2013 information has been  a website offering the latest space, biology, technology and science news every day since 1998.  Now as I look at this website, I may find something to be interesting once and awhile in these fields, such as the article about how a  New Approach Improves Biomass-to-Fuel Process.  When it comes to something that may help us save money, I am interested!  We definitely need help in lowering our gas costs.  And there are other things on this webpage that catch my eye as well.  It really isn’t all geeky stuff!  There are numerous online coupons and discount codes that can help me save money right away!  The coupons are even listed by category, such as flowers, and there’s also coupons listed by stores, such as Walmart, Best Buy and Staples.

I am not the one into learning the technology or science type information, but I am into learning where I can save more!



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