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Generation and Financial Lifestyle Changes


 t sure seems my generation is quite different than that of my parent’s generation.  My parents were pretty well financially set by the time they were 50 . . .  mortgage paid off, had savings accounts (remember Savings & Loan type banks?), and paid for everything in cash. I never remember them using a charge card.  I do not remember my parents shopping garage sales or second hand stores.  Not that it’s all bad, it’s so different today with my generation . . . and today, it’s more about how to get the best deal and more about scrimping than saving. So many we know have lost their homes, or are refinancing even at this later age.   We know others that are looking at various formulas that help them get their home loans paid off quicker, such as Viventium New Zealand Home Loans which have numerous repayment plans.  There are ways that mortgages can be paid off in half the time.  I sure wish we would have looked into something like this when we purchased our first home 28 years ago!  

Then there’s the concerns of things you cannot cut out of your life, like the utility bills. Heat, gas and/or electricity is pretty much a must in our lifestyle.  In New Zealand there is this neat comparison webpage called, Yourselect Power Company Comparison. It sure would be nice to find something like that here and have options and see what is the best deal. Living in a rural area, there are not too many choices.  The webpage is a free electricity and gas price comparison site where comparisons can be made  from electricity and gas retailers, see who has the best offer, and then, right online, switch to a new utility provider. How easy is that?  I wonder how often this can be done?  I wonder if people switch often in a year if there are better offers elsewhere.  

The big difference in our lifestyle and that of my parents is media.  We actually listened to the radio for the news and weather rather than just looking on our smart phones.  We did not have video games or all the various ways of watching movies.  I never had my first VCR (even THAT dates me) until I was first married!  We did not have cable, but just watched the networks.  Now,  young adults are even interested in such things as Swoon Video Production in Auckland by making their own movies and putting them online.  

I wonder what the next generation will be like . . . if they will have learned from the previous generations’ mistakes. I wonder if there will be more living a more simple life. 



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