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Need an Idea for a Baby Shower? Think Baby Blankets

Do you have a baby shower coming up? Are you all out of ideas? It’s understandable – getting baby gifts is hard. That’s why we recommend getting baby blankets as gifts. They’re adorable, they’re super practical, and you can never get enough of them! With these ideas, your baby shower experience will be considerably easier – and possibly even fun!

Firstly, we recommend personalizing your baby blanket. The Bearington Silky Soft Crib Blanket is both so soft and so cute! You can get the baby’s name in a variety of fonts and colors. The name can even be paired with a fun animal or print! If the name of the baby is unknown, opt for adding the birth date or a nice motto like “Grandma loves me!” This special blanket will be sure to be a keepsake long after it’s still being used.

If you’re looking for a unique blanket, try purchasing a fleece number! Both Swaddle Designs and Elegant Baby fleece blankets are warm and adorable alternatives to the classic cotton options. We recommend buying the Swaddle Designs Puff Circles Stroller Blanket with Satin Trim. The beautiful jewel tones are soothing and comforting for any baby, and will keep them warm even on the warmest nights! What more could any mom ask for?

If your pregnant friend is very aware of the environment, get her an eco-friendly gift! What better way to say “I know you so well!” than with a product that’s both practical and organic? Take a walk on the wild side and purchase the Organic Wild Side blanket. This earth-friendly blanket comes in giraffe and zebra patterns and is so beautiful! Your eco-friendly pal will fall in love with this unique number!

We know that baby showers are stressful and it’s hard to get unique gifts. That’s why we recommend baby blankets. There are so many types (and they’re all so practical!), you can really get whatever pattern you think your friend will like, and you can personalize it to make it a keepsake! You can’t go wrong with options like these!



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