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Learning How to Make a Website


 ave you been contemplating on building a webpage, but just do not know where to begin?  And the HTML foreign language really makes you squirm?  I understand!  I’ve done some playing around with making webpages, but it is VERY basic information that I know.  It’s fun playing around with webpages, but, when doing it for a business that needs to take off, get orders or at least hits to get the message out to many viewers, you really need to know how to make a website the right way.  TEMP

My husband is moving his small engine repair business from our home into a highly visible storefront.  He wants people to know where he has moved to, along with getting new customers finding him for the repairs they need.  Being the repairs change for the different seasons, so does his webpage need to change with this, so when potential customers are searching by keywords, such as snowblower repair during the winter, and lawnmower repair during the summer, he has to have these in the right format on a webpage.  By watching his site traffic statistics, he can know too, if it is drawing in viewers.

It can be time consuming to learn how to design a website, but done right, it can easily be worth it. With just doing a little research, websites can be found that give hands on help in making a professionally designed webpage, including how to put product catalogs and shopping carts on the webpage.  So you are learning while actually doing the webpage building with minimum HTML knowledge. There is even the capability of making webpage changes right from a cell phone.  You do not need to hire a professional website designer to do the job.  

When are you going to start?



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