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Information Article: Gutter Guards


ne spring clean-up job that often needs to be done in the early spring and again in the autumn months and after major storms, is clearing gutters of leaves, pine needles, twigs and anything else that blows around in the air, that seems to land in gutters and begin building up.   A popular product that is in Australia is a Gutter Guard which protects gutters from overflowing with debris.  Not only does it help keep things out, it helps keep the gutters clean, making it ideal for collecting clean rain water. This is something I would love to do because actually, our gutter downspouts are closer than our faucet! Imagine being able to even collect the water to run close to gardens so there’s not so much running back and forth with buckets of water! 

Gutter Guards Melbourne can also help families be more safe.  They do not have to climb up ladders to clear out gutters, risking falling off a ladder.  From looking at pictures of these gutter guards, they look nice, and even can add protection to the home so there is not water build-up  on the roof that ends up in an attic and then eventually down through the house.  And of course, we have had it happen numerous times, with kids throwing baseballs and tennis balls that get caught in the gutters.  If we leave it, it clogs up the gutters.  If we get it out, not only is there the frustration of having to do it, there’s the bodily harm that can happen.  

These Gutter Guards Brisbane are an interesting product made with two different types of patented polymers so there is a smooth surface, allowing leaves and debris to slide right off.  The gutter guards are also fire retardant which adds another measure of safety and security.  I’ve never seen them in the United States, but sure sounds like something worth considering, especially when the need arises to replace gutters.



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