Five Minute Friday: JUMP

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JUMP . . . I think of how we still laugh about how I’d jump down several steps at a time . . . while pregnant . . . with twins.  I had them the day before their due date.  The OB had said I’d go 3-5 weeks early.  So, yes, near the end, I’d jump down stairs . . . and it didn’t work.  Now one of those twins is pregnant with her first baby.  Later today we will be going to her ultrasound to hopefully find out the gender.  And yes, we are all pretty excited.  But I wonder, will she jump too, if she goes over the due date?!?!?!  

JUMP . . . I think of how with all this rain, how my baby boy (he’s 6) loves to JUMP in puddles.  Those puddles are like a magnet to the young ones.

JUMP . . . I think of how last summer, that baby boy had a fear of water, and we finally got him to JUMP into the water.  It was a major trust for him – trust that we’d catch him, trust that it would be fun like his sister’s said.

And sometimes we know, from that Still Small Voice, that Jesus wants us to JUMP too . . . maybe into something real uncomfortable, maybe to put something away and spend more time with the kids, maybe to call a friend or neighbor or maybe to just JUMP in and forgive someone who has deeply hurt and say “Father forgive, for they knew not what they were doing.”  

Gulp . . . yes, there’s unfamiliar territory we as Christian Believers have to JUMP into, but God is ahead, ready to catch and lead.

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Don’t miss entering for my Holley Gerth book giveaway!

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15 Responses to Five Minute Friday: JUMP

  1. April says:

    Lovely :) I should go Jump into bed probably, though :) Happy Friday Loni!!!

  2. Sara Heer says:

    Nice. :) I do wonder if any of those ideas to naturally induce labor work. ;) Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby. :)

  3. Great reminder that Jesus DOES want us to jump and sometimes that means just doing what he calls us to do RIGHT NOW! Thanks for that.

  4. Mel says:

    Beautiful post…He IS there to catch us when we’re finally brave enough to make that jump! Happy Friday, friend! :)

  5. Megan Eccles says:

    Babies growing up, babies growing into to people having people. I can’t even imagine!

  6. And with each JUMP we find ourselves that much closer to Him!

  7. Amy P Boyd says:

    Beautiful words. Slowly I am learning to trust that He is there to catch me as I jump into the calling he has sat before me.

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  9. Jamie says:

    I sooooo remember jumping trying to get a baby out, too! Lovely memories that you’ve shared with us today! Thank you. Congratulations on your sweet grandbaby!

  10. God is ready to catch us. I love that!!

  11. Mia says:

    Dear Loni
    Oh, the things we do to help nature along! But when they stubbornly want to stay in the warmth of the womb, that is where they will stay! Or that’s the way it feels at the end of a pregnancy!
    Just like us when we don’t want to leave the comfort of the familiar.
    Mia from FMF

  12. Yes, to trust and jump even if it is uncomfortable…so true!

  13. Sharita says:

    Great post… And thanks for the pingback! God bless :-)

  14. Brie E says:

    I realize more and more that the Still Small Voice should be the Biggest Influence in my life- if only I would jump on those promptings. :)

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