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Information Article: Professional DJ Service


aving gone through marrying off three kids in 15 months, (including twin girls) there is lots of reflection on all the preparations, where we could have cut corners, what we wished we had done differently and of course, what we really loved, and would do again.  (Yes, we do have more kids to marry off, but not for a lonnnnng time!).  

One thing I am very thankful for is all the people that helped us out, so yes, when people volunteer, accept their help. If you can afford to hire help, do it!  One example would be to hire a professional DJ such as DJs in Los Angeles.  To have one less thing to worry about, especially when the wedding party is getting pictures taken and so there is not that awkward silence, it’s greatly helpful to have a DJ that can fill in that gap and entertain and engage the wedding guests.  

We had great help at the three weddings with mainly siblings helping to put the music together and it was all about the couple and the music they wanted. But from a parental viewpoint, a little bit  of mixture of “older” music to help include all generations would be ideal, especially when the wedding couple is not present.  Of course during their dancing time, it should be all about what they want.  

A professional DJ Service would know how to balance this all out and helping everyone to be happy, adding this to their memories to continue sharing.

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