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Information Article: Worker’s Compensation Attorney


y husband and I have gone through numerous adjustments with job losses in the almost 28 years we have been married. I clearly remember the first time he was laid off, just a matter of weeks before our first child was due.  As an almost new mom, it was quite overwhelming to think of us with no job.  How do we pay for things?  My husband worked in the tool and die industry which was either a feast or famine type job.  The last time he was laid off, was when I was pregnant with our baby girl.  He came home early on Valentine’s Day – which I thought was to surprise me, but instead we were both surprised with a job lay off.  One of our kids just got braces and we had another baby due.  Again, it was a very questionable time in our lives.  We are thankful for God providing and unemployment that helped us again, get through again.

We were one of the fortunate ones.  We have had friends let go from jobs with false labeling of why they were let go after they were injured on the job and had to fight to get insurance and unemployment paychecks, which has resulted in them seeking out a worker’s compensation attorney Kansas City KS. They did not realize until quite some time later, of how illegally the work place was handling paying for his time off, after he was injured while on the job.  He was not getting the compensation he was suppose to.  Thankfully, they found out they still had time to file a written claim for compensation to be reimbursed, with the worker’s compensation lawyer guiding them through all the paperwork.

In situations of layoff’s and worker’s compensation, it is wise to know the law that protect both the employee and employer.




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