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What would you do if your child got a DUI?


F one of my kids called and told me they got a ticket for drunk driving in PA, this would not be a happy mama.  I know kids (and adults) make mistakes and do stupid things.  We lost a son to his making a stupid choice that took his life.  Of course it hurts the many that love him and will forever be a scar on my heart.  But when I think of someone driving while drinking, not only is it endangering them, it’s also endangering any in the vehicle, and those driving or walking any where near the drunk driver.  

I would surely hope and pray, if one of my kids came home with a DUI it would be the first time and absolutely last time.  I would hope and pray it scared them so badly, maybe even spending time in jail with us NOT coming to their immediate rescue, would get their mind thinking in the right direction.  How thankful we would be that no one got hurt.  Of course, if there was real remorse, getting the best DUI lawyer in Philadelphia would be a top priority.  No, we would not want him off easily, just to get out of it, and would hope there would requirements for them to take classes, give time to the community and even have a suspended license.  Sometimes things really have to hurt, to learn.  

Just knowing the Pennsylvania DUI laws and barely staying under the limit is not the best solution either.  Both kids and adults alike need to understand the ramifications of any type of driving after drinking and even using drugs and then driving.  You can get the best drug offense lawyers or DUI attorney, but if a person continually drives drunk or with using drugs, the irresponsibility can take many lives – their own and others.  



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2 thoughts on “What would you do if your child got a DUI?

  1. My shop has been approved to have community service workers here in California. 9 out of 10 are from DUI’s. I have greatly loved and enjoyed each of these people. Some really have a problem and some have made a bad mistake. This is VERY costly, at least in CA. Some have paid in excess of $20,000.00. Some of them are required to have a breathalizer installed in their car to start their cars and some even have to blow in it every 15 minutes to keep their car running. The court fees can be astronomical. Then they have to pay and attend driving classes. They have to go to some kind of meeting. AA or one of the christian abuse programs. If you get it wrong and don’t fulfill your requirements, you are jailed. As a teen the consequences are long lasting. If someone is hurt you are charge with vehicular manslaughter. Not only will you have those charges, you will live with the regret for the rest of your life. What seems so innocent or easy has lasting consequences!

  2. I am thankful you are helping give them another chance. And the breathalyzers on cars sure makes it safer for other drivers (unless someone else breaths in it – but that sure would be ridiculous). Many mistakes made sure do have lasting consequences. 😦

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