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Making Memories at the Auto Show


think some of the best bonding times my husband has had with our boys, is going to auto shows with them. They get their pictures taken by the sports cars and the most expensive cars, they probably will never own. They sit in them, and act cool.  Sometimes I get a picture text with one of them in or by a “hot” car!  My oldest son, the master auto mechanic, puts the hoods up and checks them all out and discusses with his dad all mechanical jargon (which I am thankful to miss out on).  They make it an all day event, checking out the cars and getting a meal out and come home super hyped!  The boys each come in with a big bag filled with fliers and information on all their dream cars and information from insurance agents that want to be sure to insure them, including, http://www.KANETIX.CA. They get posters too, which they put on their bedroom walls.  

Now of course, even though I don’t like going (and would much rather go to a quilt or craft show), of course, I’d be biased that Michigan has the best auto shows.  We usually go to one more local, than going to Detroit,  though my older boys have gone to the Detroit one. But not too far away, in Canada, the Canadian auto show schedule shows they still have one auto show that can be attended for this season, and still some time to quickly make vacation plans!  The Edmonton Motor Show is being held April 18 – 21 in Edmonton, Alberta at the Edmonton Expo Centre. One of the big excitement draws is the Precious Metal Gala, on Friday, April 18th, which is a mixture of live entertainment along with a variety of culinary foods, elegant lighting, live entertainment and the unique opportunity to see the cars in an unhurried, uncrowded atmosphere. You might even get the chance to sit in one of the exotic cars which can only be seen later at the regular show hours.  

So our Canadian neighbors did not have to take a road trip here to the Motor City, but saw the cars from Michigan and from many other places, brought right to them. Numerous shows have already taken place this year including,  Montréal International Auto Show, the Toronto Auto Show, the Calgary International Auto and Truck ShowVancouver’s International Auto Show, and the Montreal Auto Show.  It looks like a lot of excitement happened at these shows!

At the Montréal International Auto Show a young woman won a Suzuki Grand Vitara!  The Toronto Auto Show (also known as the Canadian International Auto Show) celebrated their 40th annual show.  I am sure my boys would have loved the the Hot Rod Canadian Builder Showcase at that show.  And then at the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show a man won 2013 Ford Escape and another man won a 2013 Volkswagen Passat Comfortline TDI.  Also, at Vancouver’s International Auto Show, they were giving numerous prizes away as well, including  a “Mastering Performance Program” which was a  full day program conducted on a purpose-built race track where to learn advanced driving techniques.  I wonder how many mom’s tried to win this!  🙂



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